Night Shift Survival Tactics for Nurses

Hi, I’m Kaydee and I’ve been a neonatal night shift nurse for most of my career. I work at a large east-coast hospital in the NICU.  Many nights I’ve wondered what ever possessed me to pick permanent nights as a scheduling option?  Like, c’mon! Who does that on purpose? But, after all these years, I’m glad I did.  I’ve learned to adapt (sort-of!) and I hope to help you adapt too. I mean, doesn’t misery love company?

Let me tell you a little about myself…I’ve got a husband who does not work in the health care field. So right there tells you that though he’s very supportive, he really doesn’t have a clue as to what I do all night. I also have a few kids who are mostly grown but still rely on me for most of their needs. And I have great  coworkers who suffer not-so-silently along with me. All in all, I’ve got it really good. But like most of us, I’ve tried to do it all…work all night then stay up during the day to take care of the kids. I didn’t do it everyday  (thank God for full school days!), but when I did, I was half of me…with the other half searching for any moment of time that I could close my eyes. It’s not pretty, just ask any number of teachers, mailmen, and store clerks that I happened to stumble upon during those times. It was pretty ugly, as a matter of fact!

Fatigue sucks, but we can learn to live with it and even minimize it, especially at work. Together, you and I, will get through it, with maybe even a little laugh! So, welcome to my blog…where with a sip of coffee and a few laughs, we’ll get through night shift together!

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